Jorden van Foreest

    Picture made by Harry Gielen

  • My name is Jorden van Foreest. I was born in Utrecht 30 april 1999.
  • I come from a chess family. I have 4 brothers: Lucas, Pieter, Tristan, Nanne and one sister Machteld.
  • I play for the Kennemer Combinatie , Solingen and Clichy echecs 92.
  • I have been trained by Geon Knol, Sipke Ernst and Sergey Tiviakov .
  • For chess training I use the app realchess.
  • Special Achievements:
    • 2014: I won the European Chess Championship 2013 in the age category under 14.
    • 2014: International Master
    • 2015: International Grandmaster
    • 2016: Dutch Champion
    • 2019: Shared first place in the Dutch Championship
  • More information about my chess achievements can be found on my Fide page .
  • I hope to reach the same relative strength as my great grand grandfather A.E. van Foreest who was three times Dutch chess champion. More information about him can be found at here . As a result my handshake distance to Alekhine is at most three (me–my grandfather–my great great grandfather–Alekhine).